Vortragsreihe "The Global Politics of Gender & Sexuality"

The following lecture series was organised by Ben Trott in the 2017-18 winter semester.


The Global Politics of Gender & Sexuality


13.11.17 Decolonizing Queer Citizenship: The Politics of Respect and the Limits of Liberalism in Brazil

Jan Simon Hutta (Academic Assistant, Cultural Geography, University of Bayreuth)


27.11.17 Queer/ing Development in Homo(trans)nationalist Times? The Ambivalent Trajectory of LGBTIQ* Inclusive Development Agendas

Chrstine M. Klapeer (Lecturer, Gender Studies, Georg August University of Göttingen)


29.11.17 Women and Sound Handicraft under State Socialism in Poland

Andrea Bohlman (Assistant Professor, Department of Music, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill)


12.12.17 #iranelection: Hashtag Solidarity and Women in the Transformation of Everyday Life

Negar Mottahedeh (Associate Professor of Literature and of Gender, Sexuality and Feminist Studies, Duke University)

(Lecture organised in cooperation with DCRL)


10.01.18 Zwischen Selbstengblößund und Selbstermächtigung: Affektive Öffentlichkeiten im antirassistischen und queeren Videoaktivismus in den USA

Chris Tedjasukmana (Research Fellow, IFK Wien, University of Art and Design Linz)

(Lecture organised in cooperation with DCRL)