How Can I Raise Awareness in My Surroundings?

Creating awareness is something that everyone can participate in - whether in teaching, in a circle of colleagues, among fellow students or in a management role. You can find resources for raising awareness against sexual harassment and other forms of sexualized discrimination and violence below.

Inform Newcomers, Colleagues, Guests

It is good to educate new university members about policies and options for dealing with sexualized discrimination and violence.

The attitude of the Leuphana University Lüneburg is explained here, where all relevant documents can be found.

Here you can find out about current events related to gender equality: Netzwerk Geschlechter- und Diversitätsforschung,Gleichstellungsbüro-Webseite.

Create Visibility by Putting up Posters and Materials

It is helpful to make materials on sexualized discrimination and violence visible in public places at the university and in offices where people meet frequently.

Make Information Accessible (Brochures, Websites)

Please help distribute quality content on this topic.

Here are some recommended brochures and online portals on sexualized discrimination and violence:

Identify Discriminatory and Violent Acts and Discriminatory Content and Make Them a Topic of Conversation

It is necessary to become aware of the characteristics of sexualized discrimination and violence. To gain certainty when dealing with inappropriate actions, it is necessary to be well-prepared.

  • Information on the characteristics of sexualized violence can be found here.
  • This English-language brochure contains a list of myths about sexualized discrimination and violence as well as arguments to counter these myths (from p. 65).
  • You can find reaction and behavior tips for witnesses to discriminatory acts in the workplace in this brochure from the city of Vienna (from p. 11).

Read, Inform Yourself and Report the Findings to Others

You can also find reading suggestions in the ‘building blocks for workshops and lectures’ in the next section.

Integrate the Topic Into Courses, Develop and Conduct Workshops Together

You can use these tests for your lectures:

With our mini-quiz (5 statements on sexualized discrimination and violence) you can find out at which points you can deepen your knowledge of sexualized discrimination and violence.

Those with advanced knowledge can also try this interactive exercise, in which you get to know the signs of sexualized discrimination and violence or this test to check your knowledge on the contents of the entire webpage.

Join a group / network and exchange expertise

In order to raise awareness and to be well equipped for discussions on the subject, it is advisable to exchange ideas with others on a regular basis. There are, for example, the following groups, working groups, etc. in the Lüneburg area:

  • QuARG: Queer, Awareness, Equal Rights und Gender Matters in the General Student Committee (AStA).
  • Lüneburger Antidiskriminierungsberatungstelle diversu e.V.
  • A number of actors around Leuphana University are planning to build a pool of awareness experts who will be present and active at Leuphana events and student events. Among other things, the goals are to raise awareness of discrimination, violent behavior or violence, to offer feedback options for the organizers, to develop expertise in the context of awareness workshops, to initiate an exchange with people who are already experienced, and to provide guidelines and an awareness concept. More information will be provided in the future. In the meantime you can get more information at this address:
  • Queerfeministische Initiative Lüneburg

Draw Attention to the Topic by Public Speaking, Writing or Public Performances

Campaigns, public performances and statements are currently being used to draw attention to the topic of sexualized discrimination and violence in many places:

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Examples for inappropriate actions, how to recognize and name sexualized discrimination and violence, information on consequences for the affected as well as regulations and guidelines are available at „What Is Sexualized Discrimination and Violence“.

The university’s stance on sexualized discrimination and violence, information on a preventative academic culture, and consequences in cases of inappropriate actions can be found here: "How Do We Cooperate at This University".

For information on support through the university, accounts of affected persons about their coping mechanisms, tips for taking action, and becoming sure and safe, please visit the page "What Can I Do If I am Personally Affected?".

You can find information on common defensive reactions and their consequences, helpful actions, how to keep a supportive attitude in a conversation, as well as information on self-care as a supporter on the following page: "How Can I Support Affected Persons?".


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