More All-Gender-Toilets Implemented at Leuphana


Recognising social diversity and enabling participation is reflected not least in access to adequate and safe toilet facilities. This relates not only to issues of accessibility, but also to issues of gender diversity. Therefore, the first all-gender toilets were already established at Leuphana in 2017.

Leuphana University of Lüneburg would also like to offer different target groups a variety of toilet options for different needs in the future. In order to meet these already existing needs, the existing gender-separated toilets were supplemented by two further usage concepts in spring 2022. The new toilet concept at Leuphana ensures that gender-separated toilets and low-barrier toilets will continue to be available. In addition, new toilets with the designation "All Gender WC" and "WC for All" will be available. In a pilot phase, "All Gender WC" and "WC for All" will be tested and will then be implemented in all buildings on campus. In the medium term, the aim is to provide one "All Gender Toilet" or one "WC for All" per building.

More information on the topic of gender diversitfy, the All-Gender-Toilets, their locations as well as contact- and feedback options can be found on the pages of GLeuphana's Equal Opportunities Office.