Information for Lecturers

The Gender Diversity Certificate: A contribution to diverse teaching

Your variety of topics and perspectives is needed! As a lecturer, you have the opportunity to open your course within the complementary studies to students who acquire the Gender Diversity Certificate.

The Gender Diversity Certificate is a study-integrated offer for students at Leuphana College. It is integratively offered as a complementary study program and comprises a workload of 20 CP (four courses of 5 CP each). This offer exists since winter semester 2012/13. The certificate includes:

Two basic courses:

  • "Theories, concepts and practices of gender studies" (5 CP)
  • "Theories, concepts and fields of application of intersectionality and diverstiy research" (5 CP)

These have gender/diversity topics as their main content.

Two extension courses:

  • These also have a clear focus on issues of gender and diversity and allow students to deepen their knowledge of specific topics.
  • The two extension courses (2 x 5 CP) are integratively completed within the complementary studies.
  • The extension courses deal with gender and/ or diversity related content throughout the semester and provide students with the option to take an examination on gender and/or diversity related issues.
  • The respective course offerings vary each semester and can be chosen freely.

You as a lecturer can offer your planned course as an extension course. You can find further information on this in the following fields.



Extension courses are possible in all modules of the complementary studies, except the following:

  • "Practice-oriented Approaches to Social Sciences"
  • "Mediality-oriented Approaches to Social Sciences"

Issues of gender and diversity dealt with in the  extension courses can include but are not limited to one or more of the following aspects:

  • social power realtions & social inequality
  • equal opportunities
  • human rights issues
  • forms of discrimination, e.g., antisemitism, racism, antiziganism, homophobia, transphobia, classism, sexism etc.
  • Migration, Inter- or Transculturality
  • Postcolonial Studies
  • Feminism, Feminist Theory
  • Queer Theory, Gay and Lesbian Studies
  • Inclusion, Disability Studies
  • Intersectionality
  • anti-bias or social justice approaches
  • empowerment for marginalized groups
  • language & equality


Teachers who wish to open their course as an extension to the certificate should fill out this questionnaire.The questionnaire helps us to assess the extent to which your course has a gender/diversity focus and can therefore be offered as part of the certificate.

myStudy tag

Once approved, your course will get a "Gender Diversity Certificate" tag in the course catalog on myStudy. This way, participating students can easily find course offerings within the Gender Diversity Certificate programme..

Inform students

We'd be please if you could inform students in the first session that your seminar is offered as part of the Gender Diversity Certificate and where to find information on how to participate.

Portfolio / Due to the Corona pandemic, this type of documentation is suspended.

Students will formally document all courses they completed within in the context of the certificate in a portfolio, which they'll present to the Examination Office in order  to obtain the certificate. Each course in the student's portfolio has to be approved as succesfully completed by a signature of the respective lecturer.


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