Summer School 2019
16.09.19 - 20.09.19

Sustainable Chemistry and the Myths of Renewables


The worldwide implementation of sustainable chemistry is a key for sustainable production and consumption and the material aspects of the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations (

A better understanding of opportunities as well as limitations of sustainable chemistry is essential including the economical and societal costs of wrong decisions ignoring prerequisites, specific circumstances and opportunities and limitations. These will be addressed on a conceptual level as well as its significance for construction and living.

The 5th Summer School on Sustainable Chemistry for Sustainable Development will provide the participants with an understanding of the latest developments in concepts of sustainable chemistry and chemicals management and on top of this it will focus on renewables to discuss the opportunities and benefits of sustainable chemistry in this field.

However, despite all the hopes linked to renewable resources there are also severe limitations of their use and other pitfalls. This year’s summer school on Sustainable Chemistry will therefore take a closer look on renewables.

The exchange of knowledge and experiences between the participants within practical exercises including an excursion and workshops will complement lectures group discussions and an excursion to exemplify and deepen important aspects of sustainable chemistry and renewables. The trainers’ team consists of scientists and practitioners as well as of individuals who actively operate in different fields of sustainable chemistry and international co-operations. On top of that experts in the field of renewables will contribute.

Sorry, but our Summer School is already fully booked! Next year you will have another opportunity to join us!


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