Leuphana drives forward digitization in higher education

2022-03-02 Lüneburg/Hanover. Leuphana University of Lüneburg is receiving financial support for another initiative in the field of digital innovations in studies. The state of Lower Saxony is providing a total of 5.6 million euros for seven joint projects by universities in Lower Saxony to support statewide cooperation among Lower Saxony's universities in the digitization of studying and teaching. Leuphana has applied for one of the projects.

Dr. Julia Webersik and Professor Dr. Erich Hörl from Leuphana are leading and coordinating the Connecting Experts and Services (ConnEx) collaborative project they applied for, in which all of Lower Saxony's universities are involved. The Lower Saxony Ministry of Science sees this as a milestone in the planned development of the state-wide umbrella structure "Hochschule.digital Niedersachsen".

The ConnEx project is aimed at teachers as well as the technical and didactic service and support facilities of Lower Saxony's universities and aims to achieve sustainable networking, exchange and cooperation. First of all, the project, which is scheduled to run for one year, will systematically survey the existing expertise on digital teaching and learning, which is broadly diversified among the universities, and make it visible in an expertise map.

This also includes systematizing and bringing together existing initiatives, networks and projects in the field of digitization. The resulting cross-university networking of both teachers and technical and didactic services is to be permanently anchored in the structures of the universities and thus become an important building block for the umbrella structure "Hochschule.digital Niedersachsen".

The ConnEx project aims to facilitate and at the same time intensify the exchange of expertise. Resources and competencies in the field of digitization of teaching and learning are to be bundled across universities, and service offerings are to be opened up and made available to all participants. For teachers, subject-specific communities of practice are to be created throughout the state to promote learning from one another.

Here you can find more information about the project: www.leuphana.de/universitaet/lehre/projekte/connex.html