Freelance – the (simple) answer to a complex world of work?

Lecture held on 17 January 2017 | 10:15 | W Aula

In the increasingly complex world of work, freelancers offer businesses the degree of flexibility that they need. Short-term vacancies, one-off projects and parental leave often require a temporary increase in the workforce,  but in these cases permanent contracts are not generally an option. Employing freelancers does, of course, also raise a number of issues, for example compliance with regulations on "fictitious self-employment".

Vita: Milan Uhe

Milan Uhe was born in Potsdam in September 1981. After completing school, he headed to the south of France for alternative civilian service. In 2002, he started a degree in business psychology in Lüneburg and spent time in Cairo and Michigan. He graduated with a Masters in International Human Resource Management from London Metropolitan University and, in 2008, launched his professional career at the international human resource consultancy Michael Page. He soon became a senior consultant and was in charge of Freelance & Interim Management for northern Germany, before focusing on a doctorate and a teaching post at the Institute of Performance Management in Lüneburg. In early 2014, Milan founded Headmatch Interim GmbH in Berlin (a freelancer and interim manager recruitment agency).