Lecturers from previous semesters

Guests at the Economic Forum Winter Semester 2019/20

Sara Wiechmann

On 28.10.2019 Sara Wiechmann gave a lecture  on the topic "Female Co-Working Spaces: Inclusivity or Exclusivity? Sara Wiechmann is co-founder of "CoWomen". CoWomen wants to give women a new definition of work, offer them space and expertise as well as networking.


Guests at the Economic Forum Summer Semester 2019

Dr. Rosi Liem

Dr. Rosi Liem leads the M&A Integration Practice at the auditing and consulting firm PwC in Germany and gave a presentation on 27.5.2019 on the topic "Gender-specific Stereotypes and Corporate Culture: What does the optimal "Best Fit" look like?


Guests of the Economic Forum in winter semester 2018/19

Ben McKenzie

Ben McKenzie studied psychology and is Executive Director of the organizational consulting firm subject:RESOUL. He is also co-author of book and magazine articles on leadership and author of the book "Leadership Live".
On 17.10.2018, he gave the lecture "Visionary Nanomanagement or frößtmögliche Selbstorganisation - wie sieht die Führung der Zukunft aus?


Dr. Lorenz Jellinghaus

Dr. Lorenz Jellinghaus is a specialist lawyer and expert for venture capital and private equity and a member of the Business Angels.
On 15.11.2018 he gave a lecture on "Venture Finance - contract law design and practical problems".


Sara Holmgren

Sara Holmgren gave a lecture on "Women (in management) and their roles and representation in football - Insights from UEFA" on 28.01.2019 in HS 4.
Sara Holmgren works in UEFA's Human Resources department, where she is responsible for internal diversity and inclusion.


Dr. Franz-Josef Konert

On 31.1.2019 Dr. Franz-Josef Konert gave a lecture on the topic "Gelita's Path to Growth: 2010>2020>2030". Dr. Konert is Chairman of the Board of Gelita AG, a producer of gelatine, collagen and collagen peptides.


Guests at the Economic Forum Summer Semester 2018

Severin Matusek

Severin Matusek works at co-matter, a Community Research Lab in Berlin and Copenhagen, and gave the lecture "The State of Communities 2018" on 28.5.2018.


Thorben Bendig

Thorben Bendig is Head of Strategic Management at the beverage company Lemonaid and gave the lecture "Good drinks - A closer Look at the 4 Ps of Lemonaid and Charitea" on 5.6.2018.


Dr. Sarah Tischer

Dr. Sarah Tischer, Leiterin Compliance der Neumann Kaffee Gruppe, hielt am 5.6.2018 den Vortrag "Umsetzung der Ethik-Compliance: Ein Beispiel aus der weltweiten Kaffeeindustrie".


Ellen Simon-Heckroth, Susanne Kolb, Dr. Peter Ruhwedel, Klaus Rainer Kirchhoff

Ellen Simon-Heckroth from BDO AG,
Susanne Kolb from Deloitte GmbH,
Dr. Peter Ruhwedel from the Financial Expert Association, KCU and FOM University
Klaus Rainer Kirchhoff from Kirchhoff Consult AG
were participants and discussion partners in a panel discussion on 27 June 2018 on the topic "New expectations gap in the management report - Reporting on CSR, Diversity & Co.