Digital Media

Moving Image Lab [Research Project]
Art and Civic Media [Research Project]
Segmented Media Offerings [Research Project]
Gamification [Research Project]
Basic Provision 2.0 [Research Project]
Hybrid Publishing [Research Project]
Search Engine Account Aggregation (SEM-A²) [Research Project]
Models in Chemical Informatics [Research Project]]
Post-Media Lab [Media Art Project]
Digital Media [Visiting Professor]
Analog Conference


Integrated Care [Research Project]
Online Therapy [Research Project]
Supported Employment Plus [Research Project]
Online Health Training [Research Project]
Management Models for Integrated Health Care [Research Project]
HeaLinGo [Research Project]
Healthy at Work [Research Project]
Finding Good Nursing Care Easily [Research and Development Project]
Health Economy in the Region [Visiting Professor]
Health Tourism in the Region [Visiting Professor]
Research Network for organizational Health [Corporate Network]
Innovation and Transfer Association “Performance Management in SMEs” [Corporate Network]


Sustainable Energy

EnERgioN [Research Project]
Thermal Battery [Research Project]
Platform for Sustainable Aviation Fuels [Research Project]
Innovation Association “Sustainable Medium-Sized Companies” [Corporate Network]
Marketing of Electricity from Biogas [Research and Development Project]
Management of the Energy Transition [Visiting Professor]
Sustainable Agriculture [Visiting Professor


Operations Excellence [Research and Development Project]
FeQuan-Sensor [Research and Development Project]
Doing Business in Networks [Research and Development Project]
Resource Efficiency: A Key Factor [Research and Development Project]
Detecting NSO-Heterocyclic Compounds [Research and Development Project]
Activated Biochar [Research and Development Project]
Sustainable Procurement [Research and Development Project]
Driving Simulator [Research and Development Project]
Environment and Sustainability in the Region [Visiting Professor]
Sustainable Agriculture in the Region [Visiting Professor]
Culture and Region [Visiting Professor]
Public Administration and the Region [Research and Development Project]
Management and Entrepreneurship in the Region [Visiting Professor]
Internationalization of small and medium-sized Companies in the Region [Visiting Professor]
Leuphana College Studies in Practice
Sustainable Urban Neighbourhoods [Research and Development Project]
Sustainable Customer Management [Research and Development Project]
Projects with Creative Businesses [Research and Development Project]



Start-up-Service  guides start-ups in the region with in-depth consultations and support
Leuphana Business Accelerator supports seven teams with the implementation of their business ideas
Leuphana Night Of The Start-Ups! Networking event for founders
Start-up Survey Niedersachsen A research team interviews companies within the region

HWK Braunschweig-Lüneburg-Stade und der IHK Lüneburg-Wolfsburg befragt ein Forscherteam Unternehmen aus der Region


Events and regional networking bring companies, scientists, and politics together 
Corporate Networks About 70 companies are part of the network "Sustainable Medium-Sized Companies", about 40 companies are part of the network "Performance Management in SMEs"
Leuphana Business Connect connects Start-ups, entrepreneurs and scientists in the region


Leuphana College: The Incubator supports the quality of teaching in the bachelor’s programs by offering additional professorships, lecturers, praxis projects, counseling services and lectures. This helps improve the conditions of studying.
40 master students and 20 doctoral candidates have received a scholarship from Leuphana Graduate School to elaborate on research issues related to the region.
Qualification: With the support of the Incubator, Leuphana Professional School is offering more than ten bachelor’s and master’s programs as well as continuing education certificates to students who wish to study while working.
Case studies: Research assistants are preparing 12 case studies and developing solutions for challenges currently being faced by one or more enterprises in the region. Afterwards, the case studies will be used as teaching material for students.
E-learning: The project aims at developing innovative e-learning based educational programs targeted at Professional School students as well as small and medium-sized enterprises in the region.

Research infrastructure

Building and research infrastructure: In one part of the new central building designed by the architect Daniel Libeskind, new research facilities will be established. This way the Incubator helps establish a permanent research infrastructure reaching far beyond the end of the project period and thereby provides a unique research environment. More than 3,000 square meters have been reserved just for the Incubator project, with 220 office jobs being created.


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