Supporting Leuphana and shaping the future - private university funding for a better world

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Supporting Leuphana - shaping the future. Find out more about the opportunities to support our university on the following pages.

Our students, staff, researchers and alumni want to make the world a better place. The support of people like you helps us to explore global issues; from the causes and consequences of climate change, democracy and peace research, from the digital transformation of our society to the study of new sustainable production conditions worldwide. With your support, we are committed to ensuring that all staff and students can reach their full potential and continue to deliver exceptional performance. We support life-changing scholarships, invest in innovative learning environments, and help fund cutting-edge research. Whether you give us your time, make a bequest in your will, or make a regular or one-time donation, we have a project that will inspire you.

Would you like to support Leuphana University of Lüneburg and stay informed about funded projects? Since its transformation into a foundation under public law in 2003, the still young university in Lüneburg gained more freedom. With your donation, additional free funds are available for Leuphana's mission. Ensure improved financing for our university in the long term and help shape the future. Your commitment is worthwhile in the following areas:

Research and Education

Our research focuses on the social responsibility of science and the common good. The state of democracies worldwide, the anchoring of inclusion in teacher education, or the digitalization of our society are some examples of topics on which our researchers collaborate, in some cases across faculties.

  • You can support our research and teaching with a donation.
They are actively helping to position Germany at the top internationally as a center of knowledge in the fields of digitization, healthcare and renewable energies.
Top Research
Top Research ©Leuphana/Brinkhoff/Mögenburg
You invest in socially relevant research and are committed to our guiding principles of humanism, sustainability and action orientation.
Social relevance
Social relevance ©Leuphana Universität/Jannis Muser
We turn founders in the region into entrepreneurs with an academic background. This strengthens Lüneburg's innovative capacity and economic power.
Innovation for the region
Innovation for the region ©Leuphana/Jannis Muser

Promoting talent through scholarships

Do you want to open up prospects for young, talented people? Then set up a scholarship program at Leuphana University of Lüneburg or support the Deutschlandstipendium at Leuphana. This gives you the opportunity to support particularly talented and high-performing students, make a decisive contribution to the most important socio-political task of the future - investing in education - and attract potential young talent to your company. Work together with us.

You promote the training of talents, specialists and committed personalities. Support young academics in fulfilling their responsibilities.
Talent development
Talent development ©Leuphana/Yanti Soerjana
As friends and supporters of Leuphana, you are investing in one of the most creative universities in Europe. Our study model allows for new thinking spaces.
Creativity ©Leuphana/Jannis Muser
If you have not only been successful but also lucky as an alumnus, if you yourself have been supported ideally or financially, you may want to give something back.
Community ©Leuphana/Patrizia Jäger


The inauguration of the Central Building by star architect Daniel Libeskind marked a milestone in campus development - Lüneburg gained a new landmark, and numerous visitors are already making pilgrimages to the campus to take a guided tour of the futuristic building with its sloping walls. Meanwhile, the structural development of our facilities on and around the campus continues.

  • If you want to invest in the campus, you have many options.
Lüneburg lives from its students and scientists. They are new salt of the city, as they bring economic power and innovation to it, just as the salt in former days.
Salt of the city
Salt of the city ©Leuphana Bildarchiv/Christine Lipski
Your support bears visible fruit. The university uses your money efficiently, carefully and transparently. Sponsors receive information about their projects.
Efficiency ©Leuphana/Jannis Muser
You may have your very own reasons for wanting to invest in research and teaching, education and knowledge transfer with us. Tell us about it.
Your own motivation
Own motivation ©Lena Schöning


Various event formats bring you together with our university. You can intensively exchange ideas with members of the university in working groups, practice networks, information and transfer forums, trade fairs as well as congresses. You can participate in many events or co-finance them through a donation or sponsorship.

  • Examples of recurring events:


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