Good Medical Care is the Basis for a Democratic Society

"Our health care system is faced with two important challenges: first, we have to provide reasonable coverage at acceptable prices, second we have to introduce more innovation," says Professor Wulf Rössler, research director at the Incubator. The Incubator's applied research is dedicated to answering these challenges.

One area of concentration: The Inucbator is developing new business models and organizational innovations to help integrate the care of chronically ill patients. New possibilities for better quality management of medical services are of special interest to the business partners. Another focus: Several projects have a strong regional concentration with regard to questions of workplace health management in small and medium-sized businesses. They are investigating the special situation of immigrants in particular. Although 17 percent of the labor force in Germany has roots abroad, this effort to collect and analyze such culturally sensitive data is so far the only one in the world. Many of the Incubator’s other activities are directed toward the application of new media given that they can reach people independent of time and place. For young people this makes preventive care more accessible. For example, in order to encourage a healthier lifestyle at an early age, the Lüneburg research group is developing pedagogical online games. A number of teams are developing digital options for treating the growing number of patients with psychiatric diseases in Germany.



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