Integrated Care

Foundations and Evaluation of Care for People with Mental Illnesses

Within the scope of the Lüneburg Innovation Incubator, a large-scale EU project, the research project entitled "Integrated Care – Foundations and Evaluation of Care for People with Mental Illnesses" analyzes and evaluates an innovative approach to care for people with mental illnesses. At first, the research team will focus on what measures are required to ensure optimal care of people with psychiatric diseases. As a second step, it is intended to implement and evaluate key elements of the care concept across the whole area jointly with the entrepreneur partners.

Objectives of Integrated Care

Integrated Care aims at the establishment of an integrated supply system. The core of this innovative approach is to supply the care of mentally ill people within their familiar living environment by ambulatory therapists (Case Manager) in conjunction with psychiatrists and other providers and stakeholders (e.g. GPs, social psychiatric services). Detached from the sites of the respective institutions, the patient is in each case provided the necessary support services in the home environment. The integrated supply system is to be applied at the beginning in the convergence region of the Lüneburg Innovation Incubator and eventually beyond.