Leuphana University of Lüneburg places great emphasis on arts, media and visual culture. Against this background, the “Projects with Creative Businesses” of the Innovation Incubator aim to take advantage of the opportunities provided by a university to strengthen specific subareas of the culture and arts sector in the northeastern region of Lower Saxony. The various projects include two groups of subprojects: KIM deals with the production and dissemination of and the value-creating and pricing practices in contemporary fine arts, whereas MANEC deals with media art and moving image production.

KIM subproject

The KIM subproject starts from the premise that the contemporary art market is internally differentiated. The project focuses on two out of four market segments in this special kind of business: first, on emerging art and, second, on avant-garde art. The objective of KIM is to expand existing creative fields in these subareas and to make them more dynamic. KIM aims particularly to support networking between art professionals (artists, curators, gallery owners, collectors, critics, and scholars) in the region and the international art world. At agent-related level, one of the main objectives is to support art producers having the potential and working in the field being funded in establishing themselves at supra-regional level and to advance their opportunities in the field of art.

Therefore, a jury of renowned experts in the field will offer awards for outstanding art work. The incentive for artists lies particularly in participating in the KIM exhibition program. This program combines, in an innovative manner, these artistic positions with the work of established artists, art market research and the topics of contemporary discourse. This way strong networking among the parties involved and a high degree of transparency will become an important basis for improved dissemination of their work. Combining arts and scholarly research with publishing activities, exhibitions, workshops carried out by visiting lecturers, and counseling services will initiate processes in the region that are relevant to the art market and start-up activities and that will promote and strengthen the relevant competences. Within the scope of the KIM subproject, a total of four exhibitions will be realized in collaboration with internationally linked art institutions in the region. In the first two years, the focus will lie on the topics of “Art Market” and “Sustainability and Non-sustainability”.