Leuphana Graduate School

More than 15 international visiting professors at Leuphana Graduate School, jointly with business partners from the region, were looking at regional issues and providing research counseling for students. Furthermore, 40 students were completing their Master’s degree, 20 their PhD programs with a scholarship. The visiting professors brought international expertise into the region while the support of doctoral candidates and students helped the scientific community and the regional labor market to find highly qualified young employees.

Visiting professors – international expertise for local projects

More than 15 international scientists worked as visiting professors within the Innovation Incubator. Within their areas of expertise they realized research projects with regional enterprises. Hence economy and society got access to top-research in the fields of management, health, tourism, law, culture, sustainability and agriculture.
Additionally, visiting professors offered research counseling to students. They developed new concepts of study which aimed at connecting the local economy and the master and postgraduate students – such as Career-Service-programs and projects with practical implementation.

Scholarships for Master and PhD students – supporting talented young scientists

The Graduate School, with support of the Incubator, assigned 40 Master and 20 postgraduate scholarships to junior scientists. Practically oriented solutions for research questions within local and economic context were being supported mainly. Thus the best students dealt intensively with a specific topic and found solutions for questions relevant to the practical experience.
Research subjects

•    Environment and sustainability in the region
•    Culture and Region
•    Entrepreneurship for local businesses
•    Public Administration and the region
•    Health-tourism in the region
•    Health-economics in the region
•    Sustainable agriculture in the region
•    Renewable Energies in the region
•    Digital Media in the Region
•    Globalization of small and medium-size businesses

The programme was managed by Dr. Petra Trimborn.