Campus Expert Talk 2023 ©LEUPHANA/ Monika Ludwig
Campus Expert Talk 2023 ©LEUPHANA/ Monika Ludwig
Campus Expert Talk 2023 ©LEUPHANA/ Monika Ludwig

"Germany is one of the leading nations in terms of prosperity, quality of life and sustainability. But key foundations of our prosperity have been eroding for some time, such as economic strength and competitiveness," noted Dr. Pascal Hetze of the Stifterverband in his keynote speech, and called for "innovation and scalability to meet the major challenges facing our society, especially now. And for that, we need cooperation in particular."

University President Sascha Spoun also emphasized the importance of cooperation: "I expect a lot from our initiative, because we network expertise from different contexts and can develop innovative perspectives from this." The task of the event, he said, was therefore to discuss current challenges, possible solutions, and new methods and approaches. 

Around 40 guests spoke at four dinner tables on the topics of "Lüneburg as a location for digital companies and digital startups," "Innovation through AI," "Digitization and AI in companies to optimize production processes," and "Sustainable and digital business transformation using the example of reporting and financing." Representatives from business, science, politics and administration met at all tables, so that lively discussions resulted from the different perspectives and experiences. 

IHKLW President Andreas Kirschenmann is convinced: "We live in turbulent times. And more than ever, we need speed in all areas - growth and innovation, research and development at the highest level." This evening, he said, is a very good opportunity to network outside of familiar structures, to shape the future together and to benefit from swarm intelligence.

The organizers look forward to continuing the exchange.

The event was sponsored by the Lower Saxony Ministry of Science and Culture with funds from the "Niedersachsen Vorab" (Lower Saxony Advance) of the Volkswagen Foundation and the Lüneburg-Wolfsburg Chamber of Industry and Commerce as part of the "Transfer in Niedersachsen" (Transfer in Lower Saxony) program.

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