The end of leadership: the attributes of a manager today

7 June 2016 | 10:15 | W Aula

Dr. von Campenhausen started his lecture by briefly reviewing how our understanding of leadership and management has changed from the era of corporations to McClelland's competence theory. He argued that certain manager types – known as "spiky leaders" – can genuinely affect measures of success such as sales growth. According to Dr. von Campenhausen, management is currently affected by six trends: demographic change, a falling number of qualified workers, changes in the demands of those managed (for example generation Y), digitalisation, globalisation and VUCA (Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity and Ambiguity).

He defined five new challenges in management, addressed the changing role of team work, explored potential and the right way to develop managers before ending with the following three pieces of advice for students: Connect! Dare to risk! Listen to your instincts!


Dr. von Campenhausen worked in strategy consultancy at The Boston Consulting Group and in industry at the AXA Group before joining Egon Zehnder International. Dr. Moritz von Campenhausen is an advisor at the Hamburg office and manages the Assessment and Development Practice Group in Germany, which deals with the assessment and development of managers, teams and organisations. He also works with clients in the financial services segment.