How digitalisation is advancing to the heart of the German economy

2015/2016 winter semester launch event

The Leuphana Economic Forum on "Digitalisation" was opened by the founder and director of Infront Consulting & Management, Thomas Sindemann . A perfect start, for Infront Consulting & Management was this year named a "hidden champion" on the consultancy market by the magazine Capital and topped the rankings for "digitalisation". This was doubtless one reason why the event was so well attended. According to Mr Sindemann, the shock waves produced by innovative business models are changing the competitive landscape and that established businesses are coming under pressure, for example the automotive sector in the face of car2go car-sharing services. He stressed that such changes are not completely new, but that digitalisation is now making it possible to operate faster across borders and to be much more aggressive. He believes that companies therefore need an integrated digital strategy that focuses in particular on the business model and possible innovations. Mr Sindemann also gave a practical insight into how Infront Consulting & Management operates when he asked the audience to think about the digital "attackers" on retail banks' business models.