Organisational development from the perspective of systems theory

Lecture held on 17 January 2017 | 18:15 | W 216

Mr Kauke began with a short and fascinating introduction to the basics of systems theory, which builds on constructivist assumptions and therefore demands both circular and networked thinking.  Systemic thinking allows us to describe complex structures within and between organisations and the environment, to reduce complexity and to explain observable phenomena. To make the theoretical structures easier to understand, Mr Kauke used examples and anecdotes about the former German chancellor Adenauer, the current phenomenon that is Donald Trump, and the rivalry between professional German football clubs. Questions from the audience led to a lively debate.

CV: Rolf Kauke

Rolf Kauke has many years' experience in management positions in commerce in large family-run businesses. In all his roles, he has advised on change management and therefore played a major part in businesses' success and development. This is a skill that he has honed and developed in numerous training and professional development courses, with tutors including the "fathers of systems theory" Simon, von Schlippe and Schmidt. Mr Kauke thus has a wealth of experience and expertise from more than ten years as a managing partner.