Wearable computing and augmented reality in Industry

Lecture held on 09 December 2016

Examples from practice & best practice for effective smart glasses projects

"Industry 4.0: Everyone's talking about it, we're doing it!"

Leonid Poliakov started by introducing Ubimax and its products. He explained that Ubimax is the only certified Google Glass partner in Germany and currently has around 100 customers (including VW, Daimler and DHL). Ubimax solutions are used for machine maintenance, quality assurance in production and the repair of highly specialised machinery. Google Glasses allow a machine to be serviced in Australia and the engineer in Australia to receive his or her instructions from a specialist in Germany.

Mr Poliakov said that huge growth similar to that on the smartphone market a few years ago is forecast for the use of Google Glasses. "The development of the smartphone is an example of what will happen with smart glasses. At some point, we will all have them."
A key challenge in the use of smart glasses is change management, in other words how people can be persuaded to use wearables as a tool if they have long used other ways to carry out the same task.

According to Mr Poliakov, there are already successful use cases from many different areas of production: DHL has managed to pack 25 % more parcels and Schnellecke Logistics has achieved significant increases in production thanks to a considerable reduction in errors. 

CV: Leonid Poliakov

Leonid Poliakov is a senior project manager at Ubimax GmbH and was born in Moscow in 1984. After completing secondary school in Bremen, he studied communication at the Universities of Bonn and Barcelona before launching his professional career at Beluga Shipping. He continued his career as a strategy and management consultant at the consultancy xCon Partners, which is now a sister company of Ubimax GmbH. In 2014, he became the first member of staff of Ubimax GmbH, a company that was set up specifically to develop industrial wearable computing solutions and that is now one of the leading global businesses in the field.