MEZZANIN Podcast: "We have incredible potential!"

2023-11-15 Anyone who has ever considered the idea of becoming self-employed or starting a business knows how many questions, challenges and barriers can be involved. Colleges and universities, as well as the Federal Association for German Start-ups, which was founded in 2012, want to support those interested in setting up a business and founders in their development and at the same time promote research in this area.

Junge Leute sind über einen Laptop gebeugt und besprechen eine Idee. ©MART PRODUCTION/
What makes a start-up personality and how can they be supported in the best possible way on their way to their own company - this and much more is discussed in the current MEZZANIN episode.

In the MEZZANIN podcast, the two start-up experts Prof. Dr. Reinhard Schulte, lecturer at Leuphana in the field of business administration with a special focus on start-ups, and Jannis Gilde, project manager in the research department at the German Startups Association, provide insights into current research developments and their perspectives on start-ups and their promotion.