The winner takes it all, or: from a decentralised IT landscape to a global IT cloud

20/06/2016 | 14:15 | C HS 4

After an introduction to Beiersdorf und Beiersdorf Shared Services, the lecture looked at a number of different areas important to global operations: technology, applications and IT processes.

The technology part focused on the move from old, decentralised legacy systems to the modern cloud, a journey that is only possible in a world of global communication and collaboration. In the section on applications, the lecture addressed the standardisation of business processes in an SAP system and what such a project looks like; it also explored the harmonisation of data, without which global reporting, for example, would not be possible.

Finally, the lecture addressed three specific IT processes: the global IT demand process, global service delivery and the IT charging/pricing process. The speaker explained the extent to which efficient processes in these areas are essential for genuinely international IT.