Digitalisation in the media sector: is Germany a developing country?

Gregor Landwehr | Akademie für neuen Journalismus

Gregor Landwehr started by arguing that Germany is, in some areas, in fact a developing country. One example he cited was that many trends in the media industry are not emerging in Germany, but simply being adapted or badly copied here. In the first part of his lecture, Gregor Landwehr analysed the current state of the media industry, and highlighted how media use is changing and newspapers are therefore becoming less important.

In the second part of his lecture, he looked to the future and discussed possible solutions, arguing that the media industry should focus on its core competencies such as research and independence, and put the quality of the products at the centre of its work.


Gregor Landwehr trained as a banker before studying rhetoric, art history, philosophy and politics in Tübingen. He has worked as a journalist for ten years, with a range of roles at public media companies (for example ARD, ZDF and WDR). In 2012, he and a colleague set up the Akademie für neuen Journalismus. He currently works in programme development at WDR.