STEP (Student Training for Entrepreneurial Promotion) is an action-oriented entrepreneurship training. In 12 sessions during the 2023 summer semester, the participants will learn evidence-based, entrepreneurial knowledge that they can apply directly in their own start-up project. The program is accompanied by an experienced trainer who supports the teams.

The sessions cover the entire entrepreneurial process and convey content from the disciplines of entrepreneurship, sustainability, management and psychology. You gain concrete experience, gain confidence in your own entrepreneurial skills and get to know other people interested in founding a company.

When does it take place and how can I participate?

The STEP training will be offered semiannual and always starts with a mandatory kickoff event. 

For the summer semester 2023 the mandatory Kickoff for the training is on the 05.04.2023 (17:30-19:30) at the Fab City Haus (Zippelhaus 5, Hamburg).

From then on 12 sessions will take place online every friday  from 9:15-12:45 (starting 14.04).

The final presentation for the founding projects will take place on 14.07.2023.


Please register until March 13th:


  • Paul Jasper Herrmann
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