MEZZANIN Podcast: Sustainable Chemistry

2023-10-06 Sustainability still plays a rather subordinate role in the chemical industry. At the same time, however, chemistry is a crucial part of our everyday material life and central science for almost all sectors of the economy. Chemistry therefore plays an indispensable role in addressing the problems of climate change, environmental pollution and the wise use of resources for a better future for our society.

Chemistry lab technicians at work ©Leuphana Universität Lüneburg/Anne Gabriel-Jürgens
Leuphana's professional Master Sustainable Chemistry helps to bring more awareness and knowledge about sustainability into companies in order to promote a corresponding transformation in them.

In the MEZZANIN podcast, Prof. Dr. Klaus Kümmerer, program director of the part-time Masters Sustainable Chemistry, Dr. Christian Hagelueken, program lecturer with practical experience, and Dr. Vroni Walter, student with practical experience, report from their respective perspectives on how they are trying to drive the sustainable transformation of the chemical sector with their work.

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