Bildschirme mit Programmier-Code © Mikhail Fesenko/ Unsplash
The young company ERASON, founded by former Leuphana students, is developing artificial intelligence for market research. Co-founder Niklas Maximilian Mrutzek provides insights into how the path from university research project to successful company can succeed.

In the MEZZANIN podcast, Niklas Maximilian Mrutzek, former Leuphana student and one of the founders of ERASON, tells the story of his company. How did the project develop from a Master's in Data Science to a successful company with a well-known clientele?

He talks about the early bumpy steps of the three-person founding team, the lessons learned in creating structures and growing into the role of entrepreneur, as well as the initial successes of the business idea with later customers. What helped him and his co-founders was the carefree approach of tackling the start-up like a computer game: Always cracking one level after another.