International Social & Sustainable Entrepreneurship

Social entrepreneurship refers to practices and processes of individuals and organizations that apply a business logic to address population segments that are excluded, marginalized, or suffering. Sustainable entrepreneurship focuses more broadly on the preservation of nature, life support, and community in pursuing opportunities to create positive impact. Sustainable entrepreneurship thus describes the nexus between sustainable development and entrepreneurship. Both social and sustainable entrepreneurship aspire to create viable market solutions and intend to act as change agents who realize and exploit opportunities that address the grand challenges of our time.

The Assistant Professorship for International Social and Sustainable Entrepreneurship places a particular focus on conducting research, develop teaching and support student engagement in the areas of:

  •  Social and sustainable entrepreneurship
  •  Entrepreneurial practices in challenging environments
  •  The role of emotions in entrepreneurship

These efforts are bundled in the “Social Change Hub” (SCHub means “pushing things forward” in German). The Social Change Hub (SCHub) is vested in creating social change agents and thus facilitates students’ development of entrepreneurial, sustainability and emotional competencies as a powerful foundation for leading the creation of a healthier, more equitable, innovative and compassionate world.



  • Prof. Dr. Steffen Farny

Research Associates

  • Alexa Böckel, M.Sc.
  • Svenja Rehwinkel

Office Management

  • Birgit Gralla