Research Projects

Michael M. Gielnik’s research interests are entrepreneurship, in particular action-based entrepreneurship trainings, the entrepreneurial process, and sustainable entrepreneurial behavior. He has taken a special interest in entrepreneurship in developing countries. He has conducted several research and practice projects in different countries in sub-Saharan Africa and Asia.
Currently, his main research projects are


The STEP training aims to promote entrepreneurship among youngsters and undergraduate students by providing them with knowledge, skills, and confidence in how to start a new business. The STEP training is unique insofar as it is action-oriented and evidence-based. During the STEP training, the trainees engage in start-up process of a real micro business to learn entrepreneurship “on-the-job”.


Sustainability Entrepreneurship

Sustainability entrepreneurship aims at the preservation of nature, life support, and community, while pursuing business opportunities in order to develop future products and services. The overall goal of the research project is to develop a general theory of sustainability entrepreneurship. We thus adopt a comprehensive perspective and investigate relevant factors for all three phases of the entrepreneurial process (i.e., the pre-launch, launch, and post-launch phase).