Cognitive-, Social- and Economic Psychology

The research unit Cognitive, Social- and Economic Psychology is particularly concerned with perception-action coupling. That is, we are interested in how people perceive other people and how this perception affects social behavior. We are interested in anticipatory behavior, imitation, mimicry, and social norms. Other areas of research include the study of free will beliefs, consumer behavior, implicit attitude measures, science communication, and approach/avoidance behavior.

We usually apply a social-cognitive, mostly experimental, research approach to investigate our research questions. To maintain transparency in science, we are committed to the principles of open science. That is, we pre-register central hypotheses and make data as well as research materials publicly available.


  • Prof. Dr. Oliver Genschow
  • Dr. Danna Oomen
  • Melissa Striethörster
  • Susanne Weyand

Research Fellows

Dr. Emiel Cracco

Previous Lab Members

Dr. Mareike Westfal, previous PhD-student
Pawel Muniak, previous guest scientist