Organization Studies

The Professorship for Organization Studies examines contemporary organizational, strategic and entrepreneural practices as well as their societal implications. Being anchored in the broader social sciences, the professorship advances an interdisciplinary research program, that is embedded in contemporary discourses in management and organization research. In teaching, the team contributes an extensive portfolio of courses and seminars to the Leuphana College, the Graduate School, and the Professional School, and supervises final theses in the areas of organization, strategy, and entrepreneurship.

The research projects at the Professorship for Organization Studies aim to better understand contemporary organizational, strategic and entrepreneural practices and their social impact. The social-scientific, mostly practical-theoretical orientation of the research projects is decisive for this, as it sharpens the view for the subtle, partly profane, but nevertheless effective activities in organizations through which work is coordinated and strategies are produced.
The research activities of the team are not dogmatically bound to specific research methods. Nevertheless, the team has acquired specialized knowledge in the field of qualitative research, which also includes less conventional methods, e.g. in the areas of video analysis and discourse analysis.

For more information on current and completed projects, please refer to the research database and the people pages.


  • Prof. Dr. Matthias Wenzel

Academic Staff

  • Lillan Lommel
  • Dr. Verena Meyer
  • Dr. Sarah Stanske

Scholarship Holders

  • Renè Lührsen
  • Melina Schichta


  • Dipl.-Kauffr. Susanne Weerda