"Best Paper Award" goes to Johann Majer

For his paper "The Motivated-Adjustment Model of Anchoring", team member Johann Majer received the "Best Paper Award, De Finetti Prize". The price was awarded by the European Association for Judgement and Decision Making. Co-authors were David D. Loschelder, Adam Galinsky and Roman Trötschel. 

"Early Career Award" goes to David Loschelder

At the EASP conference in Granada in July 2017 David Loschelder received the "Early Career Award". The "Jos Jaspars Medal" was awarded by the European Association of Social Psychology.
Here and here, you can read more about the award.

2nd Leuphana congress of Psychology, July 2017

Here, you can find the full report on the congress.

"Rising Star Award" goes to Prof. Loschelder

The American Association for Psychological Science (APS) awarded the "Rising Star Award" to Prof. Loschelder. Read the article here.

Advice for salary negotiations, November 2016

"Klassik Radio" offered advice for salary negotiations based on our negotiation research at Leuphana. Here you can listen to the interview (broadcast 1, broadcast 2, broadcast 3).

TV show on Price Judgments, October 2016

The German television (ARD) produced a program on "How to find the best price?". The Leuphana negotiation team was asked for their expertise on the topic. Here you can watch the entire program.

1st Leuphana Congress of Psychology, July 2016

Here you can find the report on the congress.

The impact of social exclusion for aggressive behaviour

As part of the lecture "Social Psychology" by Prof. Loschelder, Ulrike Wolf and Berenike Bick created a video which discusses the impact of social exclusion for aggressive behaviour. It is based on the experimental studies of Prof. Jean Twenge, Prof. Roy Baumeister and colleagues (JPSP, 2001).

  • Prof. Dr. David Loschelder