The team of the professorship is strongly committed to enabling a knowledge enriching learning environments. The focus in our teaching is to provide students with up-to-date research and practical management insights as well as withe opportunity to develop those soft and social skills needed for a successful career. Thus, members of the professorship offer students many opportunities for cooperative learning. The ability to think and understand class content is facilitated when students work together on a problem, explaining to other students, thus using their personal knowledge and various ways of thinking. Teaching formats include group work and collaborative problem solving in case studies, but also the use of modern, digital teaching formats. Students in classes held by members of the team should feel encouraged by an open and positive learning environment to develop their own opinion, which then will be appreciated by others in class. We aim to foster diversity of viewpoints and opinions within our classrooms and encourages students to think critically. 

Members of the professorship are involved in a number of innovative teaching projects and courses. For example, together with others, Professor Hannah Trittin-Ulbrich organized and contributed to Organizing in Times of Crisis (Link https://timesofcrisis.org/), an internationally acclaimed teaching project. Also, together with others, she led a collaborative project to publish a series of teaching materials on „Qualitative Research Methods“ (https://www.twillo.de/edu-sharing/components/collections?id=29424c9e-3488-44c7-9785-39002fa7aa2e). The material can be found here and here (https://www.twillo.de/edu-sharing/components/collections?id=62088ee9-fc0f-40e0-b2c9-168cebdba0ea). 

The professorship is strongly committed to high quality teaching. This is why it represents and coordinates Leuphana University’s membership in the United Nations Principles of Responsible Management Education (PRME) initiative. More information on this commitment can be found here (Verlinkung:  https://www.unprme.org/leuphana-university-l%C3%BCneburg/).