Gender and Entrepreneurship

“Female entrepreneurship matters for individuals, for communities and for countries. Studying female entrepreneurship contributes to our understanding of entrepreneurship and human behaviour in general, and allows researchers to ask questions that shed light not only on why women behave the way they do but also on the linkages between entrepreneurship and wealth creation, employment, human capital accumulation, labour market dynamics and many others” (Minniti et al., 2010).

Female Business-owners are one of the fastest growing entrepreneurial populations in the world (Brush et al., 2006).However, women still own and manage significantly fewer businesses than men. Furthermore, female-owned businesses seem to be disadvantaged concerning profit, business growth and consequently business success and survival. Reasons for that are complex and multifaceted. They lie in behaviours, motivations, traits, other constructs and their interactions.

Female entrepreneurship is a growing but still an understudied field with the need of more research. The aim of the research project is to get a better understanding of gender differences in entrepreneurship, their reasons and behavioural and societal outcomes. Therefore, we use longitudinal data to be able to analyse the development of the independent and dependent variables.