Our Approach towards Teaching

At IMO, we want to provide a better training. Specifically, we are committed to the highest standards of teaching on the Bachelor, Master, and PhD levels. This implies that we engage in a continuous process of exchanging ideas about new methodological and didactical approaches and best practices in teaching. We review and evaluate our teaching and learning outcomes, incorporate student feedback, and welcome innovations in teaching. Furthermore, we have established a common understanding of high quality theses on the Bachelor, Master, and PhD level. Students can choose to write a theoretical, empirical, or practical thesis. In all cases, we have harmonized the standards to ensure that students write interesting theses that advance their scientific skills and at the same time provide meaningful insights into drivers and processes of managing and developing organizations and people.  

The IMO takes responsibility for the management and entrepreneurship modules in the Leuphana programs. This means that the institute is committed to offer interesting and insightful modules on all levels in English language. Specifically, the institute takes responsibility for the following modules and programs on the Bachelor, Master, and PhD level:




At the PhD level, we offer training with three integral components. First, we offer a bi-weekly PhD colloquium Entrepreneurship, Management & Innovation. Second, we hold yearly PhD summer or winter schools with intensive writing workshops. Third, we organize yearly workshops with renowned management and entrepreneurship researchers. The three components ensure a lively exchange and sharing of research expertise. In the bi-weekly colloquium, PhD students present their research projects followed by an in-depth and profound discussion with professors and fellow PhD students of the institute. The discussions provide constructive and developmental feedback to advance the research project's theoretical and methodological conceptualization. The colloquium is also open to PhD students from other institutes who are interested in high quality research in the domains of entrepreneurship, innovation, HR management, and organizational behavior In the yearly PhD summer or winter conferences, we have a full-day workshop with PhD students from the faculty and partner universities across the globe. The PhD students form groups in which they discuss their research papers under the mentorship of a professor. The format is to have an intensive writing workshop in which the students receive feedback from their peers and professors about their papers. The goal is that the students receive a solid theoretical and methodological training. This training enables them to publish in top-tier international journals and successfully pursue a career in academia.