Business Administration, in particular Entrepreneurship, Organization, and Culture

The professorship for business administration, in particular Entrepreneurship, Organization, and Culture, deals with 'organizing practices' in the cultural and creative industries, with a particular focus on the influence of space on creative practices. Researched coworking spaces, 'creative hubs' and artist collectives in current and previous research projects. With an increased interest in organizational processes of artistic and creative practices, the research refers to the communication-constitutes-organization (CCO) approach as well as insights from the actor-network theory. As an active member of the CCO community and the Entrepreneurship-as-Practice (EaP) community, your collaboration and research extends across national and scientific borders.


Academic Staff

  • Prof. Dr. Boukje Cnossen
  • Lana Bartusch
  • Lena Kostuj, M.A.


  • Dörte Zimmermann

former employees