Business Administration, in Particular Innovation Management

The innovation management team focuses on innovation and technology management and the management of change, focusing on the interaction between individual, organizational and field-related levels.
Projects include the study of institutional change and new management models in the health care sector, stakeholder engagement and corporate social responsibility in the field of biotechnology, and transdisciplinary research on sustainable development in cities. We believe in committed science working with organizations and stakeholders on practical problems.
The team develops and applies approaches that promote holistic and responsible innovation.

The goal of our project "Tobacco as a sustainable production platform for the natural biopolymer cyanophycine as a by-product of oil and protein" is to contribute to environmental, economic and social sustainability by reducing the consumption of fossil oils and industrial polymers, creating plant-based and economically viable production platforms and markets, while strengthening the livelihoods of local agricultural tobacco regions and small farmers, - in Argentina and beyond.

For more information on current and completed projects, please refer to the research database and the people pages.



  • Prof. Dr. Ursula Weisenfeld

Academic Staff

  • Leonie Anika Eising-Mertsch, M.Sc.
  • Dr. Antoniya Hauerwaas
  • Dr. Jens Schmidt

Research Fellows

Dr. Cristina Blohm:                

Prof. Dr. Andrée Ehlert:         

Dr. Andreas Heinen:              

Dr. Katarzyna Ewa Rollert     

Prof. Dr. Joachim Schiemann:

Dr. Jan Seidel: