Differential Psychology and Aptitude Diagnostics

Our research focuses on personnel management in the context of demographic change as well as international human resource management.

Demographic change is confronting organizations with ever-increasing personnel management challenges. In addition to the shortage of junior staff in certain sub-markets, organizations must adapt to an increasingly older workforce. Prof. Deller's team works on various projects in the context of demographic change.

What is the best way to deal with older employees in the company? Which factors influence the productivity, health and motivation of older employees?

To answer these questions systematically and to give organizations the opportunity to assess their practices, Prof. Deller's team has developped the Later Life Workplace Index (LLWI).


Within the framework of the research focus on international human resource management, our research group examines the phenomenon of international assignments from different perspectives. The team considers different phases of assignments as well as different perspectives of e.g. expatriates, their partners and local colleagues.


More information on current and completed projects can be found in the research database and in the people directory.



  • Prof. Dr. Jürgen Deller
  • PD Dr. Anne Marit Wöhrmann
  • Dr. Jana Bucher
  • Dr. Julia Finsel
  • Dr. Max Wilckens
  • Susanne Weyand