HR development

The professorship of HR, especially HR development, headed by Professor Michael Gielnik, works on topics of HR development from a perspective of work- and organization psychology.

The research focuses on entrepreneurship trainings. The unit developed action-oriented training programs that have been implemented in several regions in Africa, South-East-Asia, and Latin America. The trainings are evaluated primarily through randomized controlled trials, which enable a better theoretical understanding of short- and long-term effects of the training programs.

Furthermore, Michael Gielnik and his team teach a variety of modules on undergraduate-, graduate-, and PhD-level. He is program-coordinator of the graduate program “International Joint master’s in research in Work and Organizational Psychology” and spokesperson of the PhD-college Entrepreneurship, Management & Innovation.


  • Prof. Dr. Michael Gielnik
  • Jakob Weers
  • Benjamin Scharweit
  • Carina Bohlayer
  • Frederic Penz, M.Sc. HSG
  • Arobindu Dash
  • Astrid Enge