The professorship is currently researching various topics, which all follow an interpretive research paradigm and is based on both conceptual and empirical research approaches. Empirical research projects primarily use a qualitative research method. The professorship’s research is internationally oriented, which includes that research results are presented and discussed on through conferences and workshops within the international research community.

The following topics have been researched in previous research projects and are examples for the research program of the professorship:

- Corporate Social Responsibility
- Corporate Volunteering
- CSR communication
- Diversity Management
- Employee Activis
- Governing Ethics
- Neue Formen des Organisierens
- Refugee entrepreneurship

More information on current and completed projects can be found in the research database PURE and here.


We are currently seeking up to 6 student assistants for the new Game-Didaktik project. Please download the job advertisement here. Please contact if you have any questions.