B.Sc. Business Administration

The Bachelor in Business Administration is a German degree programme and is thus directed at prospective students with a good command of German. The programme’s German-language web pages provide detailed information needed on the content of the course.

Sustainable products and services, big data, the reform of corporate governance – social challenges such as changing values, digitalisation and reflections on the financial and economic crisis demonstrate the necessity for a rethink in the economy. The Bachelor in Business Administration addresses this issue and makes a valuable contribution to the implementation of a responsible business administration. On the Major in Business Administration, you learn how analytical, accounting and management-oriented core disciplines can be combined on a socially responsible and sustainable basis to the equal benefit of businesses and society. At the same time, you will also gain business administration and behavioural-related practical expertise, preparing you to play a leading role in the fields of finance and accounting, marketing or human resources management.

  • final degree: Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.)
  • admission restriction: yes
  • standard course length: 6 semester
  • deadline for applications: 15 July of each year
  • beginning of the course: October of each year (winter semester)
  • number of student places: 189
  • teaching and examination language: German
  • semester abroad: possible

At Leuphana College, the Bachelor degree programme consists of four components: the course starts
with Leuphana Semester, in which you learn the basic methodology and cover the fundamental
areas for an academic degree in your Business Administration major.

From the second semester, your Bachelor programme is divided in to a major (main subject), minor (subsidiary subject) and Complementary Studies. In Complementary Studies, you explore the approaches taken and methods used in other disciplines and explore socially relevant questions.

More about the degree model

A Bachelor in Business Administration with a Future

In shaping the sustainable development of our society, it is necessary for the market economy to be part of a framework that enables both societal control of the economy and an acceptance of the market economy system.

The Bachelor in Business Administration at Leuphana College provides you with the best possible preparation for future challenges of this kind. In this respect, you don’t just acquire in-depth fundamental and methodological know-how, you also build on your business administration expertise within the advanced modules of your choice.

In the Faculty of Business and Economics at Leuphana College, you benefit from teaching staff who apply behavioural-related approaches as well as management and governance-related factors to their research. This combination allows for the identification and analysis of problematic developments in a business and social context.

Study of Business Administration with Advanced Modules

You can shape your Bachelor in Business Administration at Leuphana College by choosing advanced modules according to your personal and professional interests. You can choose between two fields of advanced study: Finance and Accounting or Management and Behaviour.

Finance and Accounting

The advanced modules in Finance and Accounting allow you to specialise in the analytical and accounting processes within a business and qualify you for varied and challenging managerial tasks in the banking and financial sector as well as in the fields of accounting, auditing and tax.

Management and Behaviour

In the advanced modules in Management and Behaviour, you learn how to understand the behaviour of an individual in his or her role of consumer, employee or manager, and acquire business administration expertise for management tasks, particularly in the fields of marketing or human resources management.

Objectives of the Bachelor in Business Administration

With the Bachelor in Business Administration, you qualify for varied and challenging management tasks in a variety of sectors, such as industry, wholesale, retail, the public sector, the services sector or the non-profit sector.

In addition to the requisite specialist and methodological know-how, with the Bachelor in Business Administration at Leuphana College, you also gain socially responsible expertise for interesting and challenging managerial tasks.

After your Bachelor degree, you can continue your studies on the Masters programme in economics.