Business Administration, in particular Entrepreneurship

The Professorship for Business Administration, in particular Entrepreneurship studies processes of organizational, institutional and societal change with a particular focus on the development of sustainable forms of value creation and capture. It addresses these topics in different contexts - from local creative scenes to digital platforms and global value chains - and by looking at different actor groups that try to promote such changes through entrepreneurial agency in and between organizations. While the Professorship draws on a variety of social theories, it has a particular focus on practices of organizing on the one hand and their embeddedness in societal, norms, values and collective understandings on the other. These are examined by drawing on practice and institutional theories as well as by using a mainly qualitative methodological approach.



  • Prof. Dr. Elke Schüßler

students assistants

Jesco Reeker
Janina Wohlers


  • Violetta Graf-Antończuk