Learning Agreement, Module Selection, ECTS

Exchange students at undergraduate level are free to choose courses from among all Bachelor's programs offered by the University and exchange students at graduate level can choose modules from all Master's programs, as long as the prerequisites for a course are met.

At Leuphana University, all programs of study are module based. A module is a unit, which will be completed with an examination and awarded with an assigned number of ECTS credits (see below). A Leuphana module usually comprises 5 ECTS and consists of two or more components, e.g. a lecture and a seminar, two seminars, or a lecture and an exercise. A module must be taken as a whole, it is not possible to enrol for single components. The standard semester workload comprises 30 ECTS credits.

Module descriptions and information on the module components (e.g. lectures, seminars, etc.) are available in the online course catalogue (myStudy), which you can access via a guest login. Once you are registered as a student you will get your own account.

A brief manual helps you to become acquainted with the online module catalogue in order to set up your study plan and the preliminary learning agreement or Online Learning Agreement (OLA). Simply follow the instructions of our GUIDELINE FOR MODULE SELECTION (pdf).

Academic advising will be provided by the coordinator appointed for each exchange program. SEARCH FOR ACADEMIC COORDINATOR

NonEU students: List all modules you wish to enrol in on theLearning Agreement Non EU students (docx) form, sign the document and get it signed by the responsible person at your home institution.

Erasmus students use an Online Learning Agreement (OLA) or receive the Learning Agreement document from their home university.


ECTS credits

ECTS Credits define the student workload necessary to achieve the learning outcomes defined for a course of study respectively a study module. The workload reflects the time a student needs for all learning activities (class contact hours and self study) to achieve the expected learning outcomes (knowledge, skills, and competencies).

The standard annual workload of a full-time student would be 1500 - 1800 hours correponding to 60 ECTS-Credits. Thus, one ECTS credit corresponds to a workload of 25-30 hours. A standard module at Leuphana University comprises 5 ECTS credits.


Stefanie Bahnsen
Student Mobility Officer: Learning Agreements