International Students

We cherish our internationals. We believe that a great diversity of experiences and perspectives enriches our academic community and is fundamental to realising our concept of higher education.

Why study at Leuphana?

We care for the future
As the only university in Europe with a Faculty of Sustainability, social responsibility and sustainability are core values in all our teaching and research.

We are a lab for new ideas
As one of the most start-up friendly universities in Germany, we help our students make their entrepreneurial dreams come true.

We have strong partners
With close to one hundred partnerships with universities and institutions around the world, we are actively involved in the global exchange of people and ideas.

We are a community
When it comes to student satisfaction, we are ranked among the top five universities in Germany. No wonder. Whether discussing in the classroom, researching in the field, or working in a student initiative, we help you find your passion.

We have a green campus
Located in northern Germany, near the great port city of Hamburg, Lüneburg is our home. A small historic city, it has been voted one of the top ten university towns in Germany and Europe. Our idyllic campus is the perfect setting for your life as a student.

At Leuphana

You set your own educational goals and study what you love. As a bachelor’s student, you have a hundred different ways to combine your major and minor into your own individual study programme. Choose courses from the Humanities and Social Sciences, Economics and Business, Education, Sustainability, Law, and Engineering.
For master’s students there are 17 study programmes, and for PhD students, there are 22 research groups.

At Leuphana it is not just what you study, it’s how you study.

Learn more about studying at Leuphana here.

After Leuphana

Some of our graduates continue their studies in higher education, often staying with us at Leuphana, while others choose to begin their career as professionals. This transition is eased at Leuphana, where theory and practice are never far apart. And our graduates find that their education is appreciated even outside academia, whether they choose to start up their own company or begin a career at one of Germany’s global players.

How to apply

Interested? It gets even better, because we offer amazing value. Studying at Leuphana, as elsewhere in Germany, is tuition free – whether you are here for a semester or for a degree.

If you want to spend a study abroad at Leuphana, your first step will be a nomination by your home institution. And if you would like to pursue a degree at Leuphana, then you apply to the College for bachelor’s study programmes or the Graduate School for master’s and doctoral programmes. In addition, we offer CPD courses at our Professional School.

Our admission process is designed to ensure there is a good fit between your goals and our study programmes. We do our best to give you support and make the process as easy for you as possible.

Learn more about the application processes:

So many questions

We hope we have awakened your interest in studying at Leuphana. And we know that you must still have dozens of questions. Visiting our website will provide the answers. But here is a quick overview to some of the most frequently asked questions: about admission requirements, visas, student support, financial aid, work permits, and application deadlines.

Come visit us

We would love you to be able to visit our campus and see for yourself just how special we are. But if that proves to be impossible, then take our virtual tour and let Cassidy, one of our international students, be your guide.