Leuphana sets the course for expanding internationalisation

2024-01-30 Leuphana is a modern university. With its international profile, it is committed to providing the best possible conditions for value-orientated education, socially relevant research, and the open-mindedness that is required to achieve this. The university breaks new ground in establishing an International Center, which will pool a wide range of services and expertise.

Silhouette des Zentralgebäudes ©Leuphana/Marie Meyer
"The formation of the International Center is a landmark decision"

As a campus university with an international flair, Leuphana offers attractive research conditions for academics from all over the world. Its popularity with international students is due to its diverse range of degree programmes in English and German, its pleasant study atmosphere, and its lively campus.

In order to continue to meet this standard, the newly established International Center integrates many areas of expertise and unites the previous International Office and the university's own Language Center. "We value increasing internationality as an enrichment of our university culture and seek to ensure that the international dimension is considered and taken into account at all decision-making levels," says Dr Sarah Wilewski, who assumed the role of Director of the International Center and the task of establishing the new division in summer 2023.

The new center,  will focus on the following topics in well-networked teams

  • Coming to Leuphana
    The team supports students, academics and future technical and administrative staff in preparing and organising longer and shorter stays at Leuphana.
  • Going Abroad
    The team informs and advises students, doctoral candidates, academics and technical and administrative staff on the planning and realization of stays abroad and manages contractual matters with international partner universities.
  • Language and Culture
    The team is responsible for the central language learning program for Leuphana students - from conception and planning to implementation. The team also offers advice on language level assessment and coordinates various peer learning and self-learning formats.

An additional team for strategic developments and increased partnership management is currently being set up: Regional competence profiles will create an important resource for initiating more multilateral international consortium projects in the long term, further expanding strategic partnerships and intensifying existing collaborations.

"The formation of the International Center is a landmark decision," explains Prof Dr Jörg Philipp Terhechte, the Vice President for Professional School, Internationalisation and Fund Raising. "Internationalisation is a university field of action that is developing very dynamically in the context of global conditions - as a university, we are working on creating structures and networks to help shape this dimension proactively and with commitment. "