Project overview

Looking at the overall system of the tourism industry, it becomes evident which inhibition thresholds have to be overcome for more sustainability along the whole value chain. There is an urgent need to structure sustainability-oriented innovations and transformations and to prioritise and thus guide them on the basis of evaluation systems.

Currently, 31% of the population consider the ecological compatibility of holiday travel to be important, while 38% would like to travel in a socially responsible manner. Just over half (55%) of those who would like to travel sustainably see the additional costs as an obstacle. Almost as often (49%) it is stated that no sustainable offers were found and that the specific holiday trip cannot be booked. (Green Travel Transformation (, population survey Germany 2000 persons, representative)

The aim of the project is to assess and label the sustainability of the entire holiday trip. In order to be able to assess the whole trip, a model for the objective evaluation of the sustainability of holiday trips has to be developed. It has to be clarified which data can be used on the basis of what sources and how the summary to an overall assessment can be carried out. Ultimately, the relevant information must be made available to customers by the tour operators so that as many holidaymakers as possible are confronted with the issue of sustainability of holiday travel and change their behaviour accordingly.

The following diagram illustrates the work structure in the Green Tourism project. In a first step, existing approaches, models and criteria for the assessment of the sustainability of travel chains were collected. In the course of the practical implementation, first concepts regarding model development, data collection and the communication concept were developed. The project makes use of a number of formats to actively involve industry partners, experts and practitioners in the development process. These are shown in the lower part of the diagram.

Working structure in the project Green Tourism © Eigene Darstellung
Working structure in the project Green Tourism

The following figure illustrates the project process. In a first step, the elements of the travel chain that are used as a component in the evaluation are identified. Subsequently, criteria for the measurability of sustainability are selected and defined in exchange with the industry partners. An online survey serves as a further instrument to capture voices from the practicioners. Based on these findings, in a third step, the model for assessing the sustainability of travel chains is developed. In this context, the aspects of data availability and data collection play a central role in addition to the weighting of individual indicators. Finally, the project team focuses on the communication strategy of the potential label. Visibility, credibility and acceptance in the industry are the decisive bases for the decision.

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Project process in the project Green Tourism © Eigene Darstellung
Project process in the project Green Tourism