Participants of the International Summer University (ISU) 2024 can request accommodation for a fee from 430€. An early reservation request is recommended since the availability of suitable rooms is limited. The allocation of rooms will be done upon receipt of the payment.

All rooms are located within the city area of Lüneburg and can be reached by city bus. Bus fares or other travel expenses such as bike rentals are not included in the accommodation price. All rooms are located in shared apartments, either in student dorms or in private owned houses. Rooms for ISU participants are fully furnished and bedding and bed linen will be provided. Bathroom and cooking facilities will be shared with flatmates. Apartments/houses are usually co-ed. Smoking is strictly prohibited in all rooms.

Terms and Conditions:

1   Upon receipt of an accommodation request, the University will confirm a preliminary room reservation, indicating a payment date for the full rent. If payment will be made late or incomplete, the claim for a room will expire. However, the University is entitled to claim for the rent in full.

2   If a participant does not claim the room after payment has been made, a refund is only possible if the room can be rented to another person. In that case, a service charge of 45 euros will be deducted from the refund.

3   Upon arrival the participant will receive the rental contract, a document with house rules and a confirmation for receipt of the key(s). The participant must sign all documents hand them in at the International Office.

4   Upon arrival a deposit of 50 euros has to be paid in cash. The deposit will be refunded in cash after the obligatory room check on the day of departure. The University is entitled to keep the deposit in case damages will be detected at the room check or the agreed date for the room check will be missed by the particpant or the key(s) will not be returned.

5   The reserved room will be available at the earliest on Friday, 2nd August 2024 at 10am. The participant must inform the University per e-mail of the arrival date and the estimated arrival time at the latest by 15 July, so that the room check-in can be properly arranged. If a participant will arrive after the start of the ISU, he or she must inform the University accordingly well in advance. If the participant fails to do so, the University is entitled to rent the room to another person. In general, the participant is obliged to pay the rent in full.

6   The University is entitled to allocate rooms subject to availability. Preferences regarding location, size and furnishings will be considered according to possibility, however, a claim does not exist.

7   Participants are liable for all damages they cause to the rented accommodation; the University assumes no liability for any damage. The University must be notified immediately of any damages arising during the rental period; the participant is obliged to remediate any damages at his or her own expense. Each participant is responsible for taking out relevant insurance policy.

8   The participant is obliged to inform the University per e-mail of the departure date and time and to make an appointment for the room check and key handover at the latest one week before departure. The room must be left in a clean and orderly condition at the latest at 10am on Friday, 30th August 2024.

9   Furthermore, the stipulations of the ISU participation contract apply.