Insurance and Taxation

Health Insurance

Health insurance covering full medical care during your stay in Germany is required by legislation. A residence permit will be issued only if you have adequate health insurance coverage.

Please check if your health insurance policy taken out in your home country covers medical treatment in Germany. If this is the case, ask your insurance agent about any special conditions that you must consider.

If your health insurance policy does not cover medical treatment in Germany, you should contact an insurance company before your departure for Germany in order to take out a policy that provides adequate health insurance coverage during the entire period of your stay in Germany.

Staying in Germany under a scholarship programme

If you come to Germany under a scholarship programme or fund your research abroad yourself, and if your health insurance does not provide full insurance coverage, you must take out private health insurance in Germany.

As a scholarship holder you may be eligible for the insurance plan of the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD), which has been specifically designed for foreign students and faculty staff living in Germany and also includes accident and liability insurance. DAAD group insurance

Staying in Germany on the basis of an employment agreement

If you work in Germany on the basis of an employment agreement, you are subject to the obligation to take out statutory health insurance. The University (or any other employer) will automatically register you once you have decided on a health insurance company. Information on statutory health insurances can be found on the Internet. You may also ask for help at the International Office.

Social Insurance

Full statutory social insurance comprises health insurance, accident insurance, pension scheme, unemployment insurance, and nursing care insurance.

If you come to Germany as a scholarship holder, you are not subject to compulsory social insurance, except for health insurance.

If you work in Germany on the basis of an employment agreement, you will be automatically registered with the social insurance system. Germany has signed agreements on social security with a number of countries, which basically rule the acquisition of pension rights and the payment of pensions. Here you can check whether your home country has entered into such an agreement.

For further information on social security see EURAXESS.

Other Insurance

Accident Insurance

All university members (students and staff) are insured against accidents on their way to and from university, on campus and during off-campus university activities like excursions. In case of any such accident, please contact the International Office immediately. This insurance does not replace a personal accident insurance.

Liability Insurance

We strongly recommend to take out personal liability insurance in order to avoid any financial problems that may arise if you cause damage to people or property. You can find insurance companies via the Internet or ask at the International Office.


As a scholarship holder you may be exempt from taxation under German income tax law under certain conditions. Please check with your scholarship organisation. It is also recommended to check whether a scholarship paid out in Germany is subject to taxation in your home country.

If you work under an employment contract with the University (or any other employer in Germany), you are principally liable to German income taxation. However, there are a number of excemptions, mainly due to bilateral double taxation agreements, which Germany has signed with all EU member states as well as many other countries. Further information will be provided by the University's personnel department once an employment contract shall be signed.

The double taxation agreements are available on the websites of the German Federal Ministry of Finance