The Cotutelle procedure allows doctoral students to receive a doctoral degree, which will be awarded jointly by two universities in two different countries. The degree is based on a single research project completed at the two universities involved. A binding agreement on the joint doctoral examination procedure creates the framework within the doctoral student can earn a binational doctoral degree.

The Cotutelle procedure is particularly interesting for doctoral candidates who

  • research a topic related to the other country,
  • like to work in a binational environment,
  • wish to build up links to the academic communities in both of the two countries involved,
  • have not yet decided in which country they want to work in the future.

For more information please read our information sheet, which also includes a checklist.

Information and Checklist (pdf)

In compliance with the doctoral regulations of Leuphana a master agreement for a joint examination procedure has been developed. Please use this agreement if there are no further requirements on the part of the foreign university.

Agreement on a joint examination procedure (docx)

Explanatory notes (pdf)


Dr. Francine Uwera
Co-ordinator International degree-seeking Students Graduate School/Joint Degrees/Cotutelle