Bringing Children

Daycare centres

If you bring along children aged up to six years and wish to have them taken care of in a daycare centre, please check availability as soon as possible, since the number of places is limited.

The Student Services (Studentenwerk) at Lüneburg run some daycare centres, one of which is located on the main university campus. Priority is given to children of students. Further information and an online application can be found on the website of the Studentenwerk.

12 municipal daycare centres and approx. 20 daycare centres run by churches, not-for-profit and private organisations are located in town. 3 centres offer day care for children with special needs.Information can be found here.

Schools and after-school care

In Germany, children are required to go to school as soon as they have reached the age of six. They generally go to primary school for four years, which is mostly the one closest to their home. After primary school, different types of secondary schools are available. If you bring along children aged 10 or older, you should inform yourself well in advance about the appropriate school type. Information on the German school system can be found on the German Education Server.

A database listing all schools in Lüneburg and the region (in German only) can be found here. Multilingual or bilingual schools are available in nearby Hamburg.

All-day schools are still not common in Germany and in Lüneburg. Most primary schools finish at 1 pm without offering lunch, and most secondary schools finish between 2-3 pm. There are a number of after-school care centers in Lüneburg, but places are limited.

Other childcare options

Flexible and individual daycare solutions, also during school holidays, are offered by the University. Further information can be found here.