Master Kick-off: Björn Schubert - "Open your eyes!"

2021-10-05 The alumnus managed a successful career start after his studies. Tomorrow, Wednesday, October 6, he will be a guest at the Master Kick-off at 2 p.m. and will give tips on how to start a career with good study planning.

Alumni Björn Schubert ©Leuphana/Marie Meyer
"Open your eyes to the outside! Look to the right and to the left!" says alumnus Björn Schubert about his personal study philosophy.

Björn Schubert deliberately chose his field of study according to his personal interests: "I studied political science at Leuphana for my bachelor's degree and public economics, law and politics for my master's degree. There, economics, politics and law were put into an overall interdisciplinary context. An exciting thing!" says the alumnus. Today, Björn Schubert works for a software company in Lüneburg. As a project manager, he is currently implementing a customer relationship management system there. If you're now wondering how studies and career fit together in terms of content in this resume, it's best to take a look at Björn Schubert's study philosophy: "Open your eyes to the outside! Look to the right and to the left!"

During his bachelor's degree, Björn Schubert completed a semester abroad at Karlstad University in Sweden: "It was made possible by Leuphana's cooperation with Erasmus." The experience he gained during his stay abroad benefited him when he started his career. After graduation, the alumnus worked for an international management consultancy: "During the semester abroad, I learned how to work with people from different cultures. That was very helpful in my first job and the assignments abroad."

Björn Schubert already worked as a student assistant at Leuphana during his studies. "I helped organize and coordinate events such as the Dies academicus or the graduate celebration. That was incredibly educational." Today, as a project manager, he supervises Leuphana work-study students himself: "There are so many opportunities to gain practical experience while still studying. The Leuphana job exchange is a helpful tool for getting working student jobs and making contacts," says the alumnus.

He advises all students to gain experience beyond their own discipline. The complementary studies program, for example, offers a change of perspective: "I chose courses with a high practical relevance, such as a seminar on negotiation techniques in English. This knowledge has also helped me in my job," he reports.

Born in Bremen, he chose Leuphana because he likes to think outside the box. "I was convinced by the study model with the joint study entry during the start week, as well as the major and minor system paired with the complementary studies. The study program has just advanced me methodically: I was able to improve my understanding of complex relationships and learned to look at problems from different perspectives and to work in a self-organized way."

During his master's studies, he particularly appreciated the interdisciplinary exchange with other international students who had completed their bachelor's degrees in related disciplines: "An enriching time."