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The German-Italian study path "Culture, Language, Literature", with which you can complete an international course of studies with integrated semesters abroad, is offered as an option within the scope of the Masters programme Critical studies - Arts, Theory, History.
The programme promotes multilingualism of students by means of studies in the three languages German, English and Italian on a high level and contributes towards strengthening your intercultural competencies.

Programme structure of Culture - Language - Literature

The German-Italian study programme constitutes a specialisation designed for intercultural communication within the scope of cultural sciences. A special additional value ensues for cultural scientists in terms of the three basic principles of Leuphana University: humanism, sustainability and application orientation. Through the international project you will experience a university education which gains more practical relevance through the Italian portion while retaining the theoretical depth at the same time.

For example, the foundations of a sound cultural scientific examination of textual cultures based on literary, historical and philosophical paradigms are laid during the first year at Leuphana University. In Genoa, the course of studies will be complemented by stronger, practically and linguistically oriented modules as well as practical training in the partner country.

You spend the first two semesters at Leuphana University, and the third and fourth semesters at the University of Genoa (Università degli Studi di Genova). In the Critical Studies Masters programme, you select the emphasis of textual cultures: philosophy, literature and history. In Genoa you continue your studies in the Masters programme entitled "Laurea Magistrale in Lingue e Letterature moderne per i servizi culturali" with the emphasis on the German and English languages.

The Masters dissertation will be jointly supervised from the German and Italian side, and drawn up in the German, Italian or English language. Accordingly, a German-Italian examination board with supervisors from both universities will meet in Genoa for the final examination. After successful completion of your studies, you will receive a Master's degree from both universities.

Career Prospects

The international orientation and dealing proficiently with multilingual contexts which graduates acquire through the course of studies in two university systems and three languages particularly qualify them for an international career.  As a result of intercultural experiences and the theoretical examination of intercultural communication they are qualified for activities as intercultural trainers and consultants, also for the culture & creative industry, the private and public cultural sector e.g. for foundations. The programme's research orientation enables a professional career in academic research, teaching and administration. Supervision of doctoral candidates is also planned in the German-Italian jointly supervised doctoral programme (Cotutelle) within the scope of the cooperation.


Participating students must fulfil the regular language requirements in English and German for the Masters programme Critical Studies. They must additionally prove basic knowledge of Italian at the time of application. Knowledge of Italian at level B1, which will be deepened within the scope of additional language courses during the further course of studies, is to be exhibited upon admission to the Masters programme.

All admission requirements must be verified by completion of the application deadline. You will find further information about the admission requirements as well as application here.

In addition to applying for a study place in the Critical Studies Masters programme, you register for the study path Culture, Language, Literature. This registration occurs online by means of a separate registration form. In addition, please submit your current Transcript of Records and a letter of motivation to those responsible for the programme.

The selection of programme participants occurs in coordination with both universities.

Students in Lüneburg will only be conditionally accepted to the programme for the time being. Selection interviews will be held in the course of the second semester. Students must successfully complete the first year of study for the course of studies at the Italian partner university.

At a Glance

Degrees awarded: Mas­ter of Arts (M.A.) Critical Studies / Laurea magistrale in Lingue e Letterature
Application period: April 1 - June 1
Type of programme: The­ma­tic re­le­van­ce
Start date: Oc­to­ber 1
Extent: 123 ECTS
Duration: 4 se­mes­ters
Language: Eng­lish, German and Italian
Location: 1st year in Lüneburg, 2nd year in Genova

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